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 A Rose Without Thorne's

After Winter, Thorne and Cress decide to settle down and have a family, but what will life throw at them? Can they survive as a family?
Chapter 1

As he tucked Dimiri in he was telling a story of something far, far into the past.
"And I went 'Cinder will save me eventually!' But then Levena was all like 'Yeah right.'-"

Cress smiled to herself, thinking about the happy times aboard the Rampion. And the not-so-happy times on Luna.
Lost in thought, she almost didn't see Michelle until she smacked into Cress' s shoulder. Her portscreen lit up her face and she had her ear buds in.

"Michelle! Turn off your portscreen! Who are you comming this late at night?" Cress said with a curious glance over her daughter's shoulder. A face. A boy's face. Ahh. So her secret-not-so-secret boyfriend.

Cress disconnected the link and took the port. "Hey!" said Michelle, making an angry grab for the port.

"You can have this back next week, when you've learned when it is appropriate to comm someone." Michelle huffed, "Fine." "Now go to bed." said Cress- in the tone that was a scolding concealed by sweetness.

As Thorne was getting up and turning off the lamp, Dimitri said, "Daddy, how did you and Mommy meet?"
"Well, you see, Mo-"

"Mom was trapped in a satellite, Dad rescued Mom, they helped defeat Levena and kissed a lot."

"Michelle Selene Cassidy Thorne! Go to bed!" Cress shouted at their oldest daughter. Michelle turned towards her room and stomped off. Banging the door open, she shouted "NOBODY CARES ABOUT MY FEELINGS!!!! BRAD'S THE ONLY ONE WHO UNDERSTANDS ME!!"

As Michelle was slamming the door shut, Cress came into Dimitri's room and sighed, seeing all the toys she had to dodge to kiss him goodnight.

She sat on his bed and have him a kiss. "Please don't be like your sister."

"Don't worry Mama, I don't want to be like her," he said, "I want to be like Daddy and own a spaceship!"

Smiling, Cress and Thorne tucked him in and said goodnight one more time. When they left the room, Thorne gently closed the door behind her.

He hugged her and she leaned her head onto his shoulder. "That girl will be the death of me." said Cress. "She was comming Brad again, so I took her port till next week." "Good. She deserves it. How many times have I told her Brad' s just like how I was." said Thorne.

"I think I'll go to sleep. We need to leave early if we're dropping off Dimitri and Michelle before the appointment." Cress said, yawning.

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