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Fanfiction Friday


So sorry for inactivity! Here's something I kind of threw together!

Death by Roses

     One fear I never got over, was the smell of blood and roses. I couldn't, I mean, how could I? My husband tortured in the capitol for months, and some of my best friends too. I also didn't want my kids to play in the snow. I know, it's silly, but I despise tht name. Snow. The man responsible for so many deaths, so much pain and hunger. And responsible for the games. The games! I still wake up screaming some nights, still cannot hunt, cannot even hold a weapon for more than five minutes. Not even my bow.
     But Peeta is there. However unstable and mentally broken, he is there. The truths have won over lies now, but sometimes he does need to be alone for a bit. The tracker jacker memories are there, however faded. However distant and unrealistic.
     Willow and Rye are happy and beautiful and handsome. Gale is obviously godfather to Rye, Johanna and Annie sharing the role of godmother to Willow.