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My OTP's

I have very many OTP's (as you will soon find)!
  1. Jay and Nya
    Jay and Nya
    The TRUE Perfect Match!
    I am a HUGE Ninjago fan! Although I've only seen seasons 1-3. And Nya helped Jay find his true potential! They are cute and Cole is the worst thing that ever happened to my life- thank you very much!
  2. Wolflet
    They are the adorable dorks of the Rampion. Scarlet is Wolf's alpha. Wolf is Scarlet's alpha. They are... *sniff* sorry, I can't go on!
  3. Percabeth
    The First
    So, first you have to to endure these weird moments like Annabeth hugging Percy. And then they kiss. And then they get together. But then Percy goes missing. And they're fighting for their lives. And then they fall into Tartarus. And so it-'s all "Did you hear that? Now let's drink some fire. Oh, hi Bob! AAAAHHH- we're being chased! AAAAHHH- we're being chased! Again! There is a friendly giant?!?!? Oh, thank goodness we got out!!! Now we gotta go defeat Gaea without dying!!!!! Yay!!! We won!!!"
  4. Romione
    This one took a while to get used to. But, once I released they were not going to get divorced, and stopped sending JKR angry emails (heh heh...), I saw how adorable and sassy and awkward they are.
  5. Cresswell
    They are so adorable! I can't stand it, I love this couple. Ok, so the best Cresswell moment EVER: "Remember, no one is as pretty as they seem in here. It's all a glamour." "I'm sure there is at least on exception to that rule." Cress rolled her eyes, "Yeah, thaumaturges." Thorne laughed, although Cress wasn't sure what was funny. "Yeah."
  6. FourTris
    It was a little weird at first because of all the age difference but I got used to it. And then they started fighting and Nita came along and ALLEGIANT RUINED MY LIFE!!! But they are a cute couple overall.
  7. Frazel
    They are the most adorable , shyest couple ever!
  8. Kaider
    Nervousited and Awkward
    They are super awkward and super cute! I understand no one exactly knows what to call them but they are super cute!
Gale and Katniss
Thorne and Cinder
From the first time they met in Scarlet 
when she landed in his prison cell, to when they got reunited in ​Cress, ​to​ when he helps her pick out a tiara- they are super awesome because Meyer could have given us a love triangle, but instead, she gave us a great guy/girl bromance.
I think that it's cool that they have this awesome friendship. And Gale doesn't judge Katniss. He just accepts her for who she is and what she does.
Harry, Hermione and Ron
Percy, Grover, and Annabeth
I know it's still three people, but they are best friends! Then when Ginny came later, but I consider these three the very best friends and Ginny came too late, these three were already inseperable!
I know it's technically three people, but come on, look at them! I just searched Percy and Grover and almost ALL of them had Annabeth and I realized that, yeah, Percy and Annabeth are dating so it might be awkward at times for Grover, but doesn't that mean he can be godfather, er, godsaytr to their kids?