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 ​​Fanfiction: A Rose Without Thorne's


 A Rose Without Thorne's

After Winter, Thorne and Cress decide to settle down and have a family, but what will life throw at them? Can they survive as a family?
Chapter 2
"Has Dimitri packed his bag?"
"Tell him he needs to."
"That's not what I meant."
"Eh. I'll just grab my port and be ready to go..."
"No you don't! Mom said no port for you." 
As Cress opens her eyes, she turns her head to look at her clock. 9:00. Great! They were going to be late for the appointment!
As she rushed downstairs, Cress saw her bag, Thorne's bag, Dimitri's bag and Michell's makeup bag, clothes bag and shoe bag. At least they would all fit in her crew issued closet  aboard the Rampion.
As Cress rushed into the kitchen, she realized Thorne had everything in control. Her coffee was being made. He already had a cup. Michelle and Dimitri were sitting at the table, eating donuts. Thorne was packing the food bag.
"Th-thank yo-oh sweetheart," she said through yawns. "It was my pleasure," he claimed. He gave her a quick peck on her cheek and told her to go change.
This was just a little apology bonus for not posting for a couple months. I hope you guys are doing well. Will post as soon as I can. It might be a while, or just small check-ins. I am about to get really busy. Have a nice Halloween everyone! Bye!